Daily Headlines

October 23, 2019
Instacart agrees to $11M settlement after drivers said they were skimped on wages
Alphabet subsidiary Wing is now delivering snacks and health care products to residents of Christiansburg, Virginia
Online Influencers Tell You What to Buy, Advertisers Wonder Who’s Listening (WSJ subs.)
Suzanne Kapner & Sharon Terlep at Wall Street Journal
Amazon is now funding computer science courses in more than 2,000 high schools
Feds seek to have Academy Sports added to Sutherland Springs mass shooting case
Houston Chronicle
Grocery sales are rising but so is the pressure on profits, analyst says
Casper Is Said to Work With Morgan Stanley, Goldman on IPO
Crystal Tse & Alistair Barr at Bloomberg
Amazon workers ‘forced to go back to work’ after fellow employee dies on shift
Dana Schuster at NY Post
‘Murder Kroger’ has long lived in Atlanta lore. A major rehab may finally put the painful nickname to rest
A law from the 1600s will keep retail shops closed on Sundays at the nation’s newest shopping mall
Amazon Joins Trend of Sending Workers Away for Health Care (WSJ subs.)
Wall Street Journal
How Kohl’s is trying to keep its stores fresh ahead of the holidays
Panera Bread employee who posted video ‘exposing’ how mac and cheese is prepared was fired
How Amazon.com moved into the business of U.S. elections
Nandita Bose at Reuters
Walmart’s Flipkart confirms it is entering the food retail business in India
Manish Singh at TechCrunch
Amazon is eating into Google’s dominance in search ads
Piper Jaffray analyst Peter Keith upgraded Lowe’s to Overweight from Neutral with a price target of $130, up from $113
Real Money
Walmart subsidizing some vendors in price war with Amazon (Register/Subs.)
Walgreens partners with FedEx to accept online returns, print labels
Sarah Perez at TechCrunch
US consumer prices unchanged in September
Inside Target’s new Disney Stores
Field Agent
Amazon’s top spokesperson Jay Carney slams the Trump administration